Useful Links Exciting new project on asylum seeker dispersal in the UK. Between June 2010 and December 2011 a group of researchers compared the experiences of different pro-asylum organisations in the US and UK. They produced a report of their findings which offers ideas, tips and strategies to asylum suport groups in a difficult social and economic climate.

Refugee Support Network’s ‘Youth on the Move’ programme provides targeted pre- and post- removal support to minimise the risk of harm for Afghan unaccompanied minors who become Appeal Rights Exhausted (ARE) when they turn 18. Contact us if you know any 18-24 year old ARE former UASCs who are facing detention and forced removal to Afghanistan. See also our ‘Broken Futures’ report.

Fahamu Refugee Programme ( and its Post-Deportation Monitoring Network A research blog and network that offers a geographical perspective on spaces and practices of incarceration, authored by Dr. Dominique Moran of the Unviersity of Birmingham. An interesting border corssing observatory website at Monash. Oxford Unviersity’s migration observatory. Music in Detention. Beatrice Botomani Clare Sambrook. End Child Detention Now’s site: Sambrook’s presentation draws upon: The UK Border Agency’s long, punitive campaign against children (helped by G4S and Serco) CLARE SAMBROOK 16 July 2012. OR You can find all her journalism here: All OurKingdom’s reporting on child detention: End Child Detention Now press campaign: Detention Action Association of Visitors to Immigation Detainees Bail for Immigration Detainees A series of short animations about young refugees’ experiences produced by the BBC. A research project, in progress, that examines the process of bail hearings in the UK. Centre for Migration Policy Research, Swansea University


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